2020-2021 MS Welcome Letter

A Message From Dr. Julie Charles, Middle School Principal

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Odyssey Charter Middle School. Thank you for choosing Odyssey for the 2020-2021 school year.

Odyssey is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students and staff. With the concerns of health and safety surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Odyssey Charter Schools has temporarily modified its model of delivering high-quality instruction with minor disruption to our program. Focusing on student success with live teacher support, we will begin this year using a full distance education model. When it is safe to return to school, students will be able to come to campus with safety practices and social distancing in place.  It has always been a priority to provide our students with an excellent educational experience and we are proud of the support we offer to help all students succeed.  

Odyssey Charter Schools will remain fully online during the first semester of school. Teachers will conduct live online classes, and hold dedicated daily office hours. We will provide instruction using distance education tools including Google Meets.  Students enrolled in support programs and special services will meet regularly with an instructor online in addition to joining a weekly online class. We understand the importance of working with students in person. We also believe that keeping students working from home at this time is the safest way to start school this semester.

While we are starting the school year online, we plan to have students return to a modified class schedule when it is safe to do so. Practicing social distancing, and increasing sanitization and screenings, we hope to see students return to campus for regular weekly sessions beginning in January. There will be modifications to our traditional weekly AM and PM four-hour sessions to accommodate social distancing requirements.  Modifications may include shorter sessions and/or alternating weeks on campus. Please watch for further communication on this initiative. 

Since our start in 1999, we have had 20 years to study the patterns of successful Odyssey students. We have found that strong parent participation and consistent student attendance are key ingredients to student success in our program. We will continue providing the same excellent curriculum and online instruction that our students and families have come to expect at Odyssey Charter Schools.  We look forward to another year with personalized academic and social support, strong parent and school partnership, and a safe and healthy learning environment for all of our students and staff.

If you are new to us this year, please inquire about the resources the school has to offer, including scheduling appointments with teachers, the counselor, and our social worker, to help you master the online learning environment with ease.  Our experienced staff members are ready to assist with a smooth transition and ongoing supports throughout the year.  We hope you will take the time to ask questions, schedule appointments, and enjoy the benefits of a strong family and school partnership.

Julie Charles, Ed.D
Odyssey Middle School Principal 

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