Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Odyssey Charter Schools. We’ve built this website to be more than a place for information – it is also a robust learning community. We encourage you to explore our offerings and learn more about our high performing schools.

Odyssey Charter School is a place of choice – the choice to learn more effectively, the choice to experience more personalized instruction, and the choice of parents to take an active role in their child’s education. We provide an innovative hybrid education for students K-12 – a unique blend of online learning and personal instruction. In fact, it is just this blend that the U.S. Department of Education has found to be the most effective form of teaching and learning.

So what does hybrid mean to our students? For one, it means a greater level of personalized, one-on-one interaction. Teachers seize the opportunity to get to know their students and are committed to meeting their unique and diverse needs. Academic rigor is stressed in all coursework as well as preparation for success in our ever expanding global society. In support of this, we also provide smaller class sizes and extended opportunities for learning. Additionally, our students enjoy the flexibility to learn on their own schedules, and they can do so in a distraction-free setting defined by committed instructors and nurturing support from home.

Along with effective 21st Century modes of learning, our community is enhanced with a face-to-face, in person setting. With traditional, brick-and-mortar classrooms and administrative offices, parents and students are encouraged to spend time with the “real” Odyssey, not just the virtual one.

Odyssey Charter Schools prides itself on being student-focused, parent-inclusive, and budget-sensitive – since we are a public school system, there is no tuition to attend.

I’m happy that you’ve chosen to learn more about us and our unique learning model. I’m confident that you’ll discover a learning experience that is supportive, challenging, and – most importantly – rewarding.

All my best,

Tim Lorenz
Superintendent of Schools
Odyssey Charter School