Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Odyssey Charter Schools recognizes its obligation to make parents and students aware of the potential dangers on the Internet and the responsible actions required by families to make the Internet a safe environment for all students.

Below are links to some of the many “Internet Safety” sites on the Web. Please take some time to read through the sites, investigating their information and links so you can become very familiar with what criminal activities exist on the Web and how students can protect themselves from harm.

  • Pornography
  • Hate Speech/Racism
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Malicious Code: Viruses, Worms
  • Terrorism
  • Bomb-Making/Destructive Devices
  • Internet Theft/Phishing
  • Cyber Predators: Sexual Assault, Murder

Here Are Some Safe Internet Practices for Students:

  1. Never provide identifying personal information like your name, address, and phone number to sites and people you meet on the Internet.
  2. Never provide your passwords and usernames.
  3. Be aware that when meeting other students on the Internet, the person could actually be an adult pretending to be a student. These situations can be very dangerous.
  4. Never meet in person with someone you met on the Internet.
  5. Always talk to your parents or guardians about situations on the Internet that make you feel uncomfortable or you feel are wrong for you.
  6. Don’t participate in any communication on the Internet that makes you feel bad or hurts your feelings. Always inform your parents of unkind communication.
  7. Let your parents know what sites you go to and what online communities and blogs you join. Help your parents become as familiar with the Internet as you are.
  8. Place your computer in an open location in the home for all to see the web pages.

Safe-Internet Links

The above practices are only a small summary of the problems and solutions to the harmful activities on the Internet. We encourage all families to investigate Internet Safety using the links below and additional sites provided by search engines.

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