Summer School

Odyssey Charter High School offers a free Summer School program to our returning students and on a limited basis to new enrollments.

The program is designed for students to retrieve credits or work ahead in some subject areas. Due to the shortened summer break, this year’s summer school session will run three weeks. A maximum of one credit can be earned. Students are expected to attend at least one morning per week for three weeks and complete school work from home.  Space is extremely limited and NO absences are allowed.

In order to continue offering free Summer School, summer school credits do NOT transfer to another school unless a student completes the full fall semester at Odyssey Charter High School following their summer school enrollment.

Summer School Information:

  • Summer Schools runs for the first 3 weeks of summer. It begins in June, the Monday after the traditional school year is out. (2017: June 12th)
  • Students are not allowed any absences during summer school. Due to the shorter session, no make up days will be allowed in Summer School.
  • Students may enroll for up to ONE credit (two semesters)

Current OCHS Students:

  • Enrollment is completed by OCHS counselors. Please contact your counselor to enroll in Summer School.
  • Your Summer School application is not complete until you return the Summer School Contract and turn it in to Dr. McClain

New OCHS Students:

  • Enrollment for students NEW to OCHS is prioritized by students in need of credit recovery over students working ahead; incoming seniors are given priority over all other grades.
  • Enrollment space is limited and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.
  • Successful completion of Summer School guarantees you a slot at OCHS for the upcoming school year. If you choose not to attend OCHS, your summer credits WILL NOT TRANSFER to other schools.

Summer School contact information:

Courses/Credit Selection:
Robert Smyth – Counselor
702-257-0578 x 6601

Scheduling and General Questions:
Mike Fitzgerald
702-257-0578 x 6515

Summer School Attendance Contract

New Student School Attendance Contract

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