FAQs – (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can enroll in Odyssey Charter Schools?

Any student residing in Clark County may enroll in Odyssey Charter Schools. All incoming ninth graders must have satisfied course completion in eighth grade to register.

Does the curriculum meet state standards?

Odyssey Charter Schools utilize the Clark County School District’s Curriculum Essentials Framework and Course Syllabi as its curriculum. The instructional online curriculum is correlated and aligned to Nevada State Standards and meets all state requirements.

How does the K-8 program work?

Each student who is enrolled in Odyssey Charter School is provided with a personalized technology-based instructional program designed to specifically address their strengths, needs, and individual learning styles. Students meet once weekly with their teacher in a one-on-one meeting in the student’s home or at a designated location for grades K-5, or 4 hours one day a week on campus instruction for grades 6-8. Students are assessed, tested, and assigned a developmentally appropriate program of instruction based on their individual learning levels. The student’s lessons are delivered via a secured Internet connection to our online curriculum program, “Compass Learning”. During the weekly meeting, the teacher(s) will direct the student’s daily assignments and educational learning objectives, review the previous week’s work, and provide the student with motivating and positive reinforcement.

How does the high school program work?

Each student enrolled in Odyssey High School is provided a schedule requiring attendance one day a week to a three-hour on-campus session and off-campus PE classes, as required for high school graduation. Attendance is vital to the success of our students, therefore we expect students to attend class on their assigned days and times. It is important to remember that per our charter, one day of attending campus is equivalent to five days of attendance. If a student misses his assigned day, he actually misses an entire week of school

What happens during the four hours of on-campus time?

While on campus, students meet with their assigned homeroom teachers to work on their online coursework. They will also spend time working on their hour-long face-to-face class.

What about socialization?

Odyssey Charter Schools offers various school-wide events throughout the year to supplement the academic curriculum and provide an opportunity for positive social interaction between students of various grade levels. Many professionals agree that social growth and positive social skills are best developed by regular contact with people of various ages, making our program an excellent socialization model. In a program of distance education, socialization opportunities may be limited and parents/guardians are encouraged to provide positive social interaction opportunities for their students within the community.

What about State Testing?

All students at Odyssey Charter School must be present and participate in all state-mandated testing per NRS 389.015. Students and parents will be told in advance when the various tests will be scheduled. In addition to the state-mandated testing, students must take other tests periodically throughout the school year. Some of these tests are designed to identify student strengths and weaknesses and are used by the teachers to assist in designing a student’s instructional program and to document student growth. Parents are encouraged to discuss the importance of testing with their children to help ensure that the students do their very best.

Is all of the schoolwork for grades K-8 done on the computer?

The graphically enhanced online curriculum is very similar to an interactive textbook and many of the daily learning activities are assigned utilizing the computer. The teacher may also direct various assignments, lessons, and activities to be completed when the student is not online using the computer. The program is highly individualized and the actual time spent on the computer varies by students, according to the daily learning activities directed by the teacher.

Is all of the high school schoolwork done on the computer?

Odyssey’s focus is online instruction; therefore, all content-area lessons and activities are to be completed via the Internet. This allows students to access and complete work during times that fit their individual needs. Students MUST have access to a reliable computer with high-speed Internet in order to be successful.

How do I learn to navigate online programs utilized at Odyssey?

At the beginning of each fall and spring semester, Odyssey staff conducts Shared Learning Sessions for our enrolled students and their families. During this scheduled time, at least one parent is required to attend the session in order to review policies and procedures for the high school. The Shared Learning Sessions include instruction in the following areas:

– How to access and complete assigned work.
– How to maneuver through the assigned course work websites.
– How to use the system to check student grades.
– How to communicate with the assigned content teachers.
– How to access personnel at the school if there is a technology problem.
Students who do not attend the scheduled Shared Learning Session must attend a make-up session prior to beginning classes for the semester.

How many hours each day is my child required to work?

Odyssey Charter School adheres to all state regulations and requirements pertaining to daily attendance. Based on the student’s grade level, these instructional requirements range from 610 minutes per week for kindergarten students, up to 1650 minutes for 7th – 8th grade students. Although minimum time requirements must be met, there is no maximum number of minutes that a student may work. The on-line curriculum is available to our students seven days a week, 24 hours per day, and 365 days a year.

How is the curriculum individualized for my child?

Each student is individually assessed and assigned an on-line placement test that is designed to provide the student with the best possible course of study for their individual learning level. The self placed interactive learning activities are highly motivating and intended to focus developmentally on each student’s individual needs. During the required weekly meetings, the student’s teachers will provide an individualized lesson plan of learning activities to supplement the on-line program.