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Elementary School Program

In Odyssey’s Elementary School, the parents/guardians work hand-in-hand with our licensed teaching professionals to educate their children. Our recognition that every student and family is unique and our unwavering commitment to the success of every student is what makes Odyssey a special place for learning.

The Model

Students complete most of their work each week in the online Learning Management System with the guidance of the parent/guardian. But, at Odyssey, we blend online work with face-to-face meetings.

In addition to the online work, our teachers meet with every student, at least once per week in a small group format. The small group meetings occur on Odyssey’s campus or at nearby locations. The meetings are scheduled for ninety minutes to three hours depending on the grade level. Parents may be asked to join their student for the entire small group visit or for a portion of the meeting. Regardless of the amount of time a parent spends at the visit, the teacher conferences with each parent about the student’s progress and assignments every week either in person or by phone or email. The small group meeting and the parent/teacher conference are mandatory weekly requirements for Odyssey’s program. Parents/Guardians are asked to find assistance with childcare for younger siblings during the meetings so the parents/guardians can focus on the student and their lesson during the scheduled time.

Additional learning opportunities in the form of group classes, Reading, Math and Science labs, interventions and Parents as Teacher (PAT) classes are also available.

Odyssey has developed categories of family support called The Pathways to Success to identify when assistance, resources and support are needed. An important piece of this plan is an additional weekly one-on-one conference with the parent, teacher, and student, when appropriate. Odyssey is excited to be able to offer this level of teacher, parent, and student engagement. 

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At Odyssey we use our news blog to post our school-wide announcements and events. Below are some of the most recent elementary announcements and k-12 events. You can also check our dedicated calendar or events page for the latest school dates and activities.

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