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Our Middle School Program.

Welcome to the Odyssey Charter Schools Hybrid Middle School Program, where each student gets a mixture of face-to-face instruction and online curriculum! Every Odyssey Charter School student and parent attends an on campus orientation when they begin the program. Once orientation is complete, middle school students attend school a half day every week for either a morning or an afternoon session. Sessions are approximately four hours long. Students come the same day and time each week. Parents are given the opportunity to choose the days and times that are most convenient for them. Typically, the school is able to honor the requested day and time. Weekly attendance is required and often the best part of our program. The on campus class is required for the entire year. The teachers post assignments online for the student to complete each week.

Parents are required to work in partnership with their child to assist and supervise the completion of work. Varying degrees of parent participation will depend on the student, grade level, and learning styles. Easy access to the Internet at all times is required in order to complete program expectations. Printers are considered a valuable resource. Additionally, there are procedures in place for make-up sessions when students cannot attend their normal day.

Instruction takes place in each core content area (Math, Science, English, Reading, and Social Studies) during the time on campus with faculty. Most of the work is done while the student is home – Computer with Internet is a requirement.

Various opportunities are offered, including sixth through eighth accelerated core classes and high school level classes (for grade 8 students). The electives or non-core subject areas in grades 6 and 7 are predetermined based on the curriculum requirements and school-wide goals. Teachers are available to assist students on campus, through e-mail and via telephone. Eighth grade students may be able to take up to two high school core credits (Spanish and Algebra) after a counselor determines appropriate placement.

Middle School lab provides an opportunity for students (grades 6-8) to come on campus, outside of their regular class time and work on their assignments. Lab is staffed by middle school teachers who can provide additional assistance to students during the week. Middle School lab is for students who can work productively in a quiet environment.

Odyssey Charter Schools offers various test taking preparation classes throughout the year where students receive intensive practice in Math and English. Middle School extra-curricular activities usually occur on Fridays. There are many fun events for students to attend during the year including skate night, math and literacy nights and trunk or treat. Come join us!

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At Odyssey we use our news blog to post our school-wide announcements and events. Below are some of the most recent middle school announcements and k-12 events. You can also check our dedicated calendar or events page for the latest school dates and activities.

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