High School Curriculum

High School Curriculum

MoodleReading Plus

Students, welcome to Odyssey Charter High School. This is your page. Here you will find all the links you need to attend classes at Odyssey using the Moodle learning management system and online curriculum resources like Glencoe.

This year we will continue to use Moodle as the Classroom Management System for the high school. Your class assignments and grades will be posted through the Moodle system.

You will be trained on how to use Moodle during the first week of school during the Student Orientation sessions.

School starts in late August. You will receive by mail the day and time you and your parents should come to Odyssey for your first day of school and the Student Orientation.

Odyssey Charter High School owes its success to its unique distance education model. At Odyssey you are provided with:

• The freedom to study online where and when you want
• The flexibility to adjust your schedule to meet your needs
• A learning program that uses Internet and multimedia technology
• A fully accredited curriculum program taught by Nevada licensed Classroom teachers