High School Attendance

High School Attendance

Attendance is critical to student success at Odyssey Charter High School. There are two components to attendance at Odyssey: (1) attendance in-person at least once per week for your assigned 4-hour classes AND (2) logging into the Moodle learning management system daily.  Parents/Guardians and students both have a responsibility for ensuring students are meeting all components of attendance.

Odyssey Charter High School requires written notification when a student is absent from their assigned day. You can provide written notification through a parent note on the next assigned day, fax a note to 702-312-3260, or email a note to absent@odysseyk12.org.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Per OCHS policy, we prefer our students attend a make-up day rather than have an absence on their attendance record. Make-up days must be scheduled by phone at least 24 hours in advance.  All make-ups will be at your student’s normal class time, to ensure the correct teachers.  Make-ups must be completed before the student’s next class day. For questions on your student’s attendance, please contact the High School Attendance Monitor, Joann Melton at 702-257-0578 x5537.

For a long-term absence (greater than 2 weeks) please contact our High School Coordinator, Mike Fitzgerald, at 702-257-0578 x5566 or mfitzgerald@odysseyk12.org.

For more information, please see the Odyssey Charter High School Attendance Policies starting on page 26 of our Handbook.

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