High School Attendance

High School Attendance

If you need a DMV ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATION for your upcoming Permit or Driver’s Test, CLICK HERE  Forms are only valid for 60 days and will not be issued if there are more than 10 days of absences in a semester.

Attendance is critical to student success at Odyssey Charter High School. For Blended students, there are two components to attendance at Odyssey: (1) attendance in-person at least once per week for your assigned 3-hour classes AND (2) logging into the Moodle learning management system daily.  For Online Only Students their attendance is monitored by logging into the Moodle learning management system.  There must be a log-in to each of the student’s classes weekly. Parents/Guardians and students both have a responsibility for ensuring students are meeting all components of attendance.

Odyssey Charter High School requires written notification when a student is absent from their assigned day. You can provide written notification through a parent note or email, an email should be sent to absent@odysseyk12.org. 

Remember 1 absence = 5 days.  Parents may excuse 2 absences without medical documentation.

For questions on your student’s attendance, please contact the High School Attendance Monitor, Joann Melton at 702-257-0578 x5537.

For more information, please see the Odyssey Charter High School Attendance Policies starting on page 26 of our Handbook.