High School

Our High School Program.

Welcome to the Odyssey Charter Schools Online High School Program! Below we have provided a detailed description of our high school model.

During the first week of school you will attend orientation with your parent or guardian. This will begin your journey as an Odyssey Charter Schools High School student. After the first week, you will attend class once a week for 4 hours. This face-to-face component is required and is an opportunity for your teachers to work with you and ensure that you are successfully completing your coursework. During class you will receive instruction, work on course assignments and work one-on-one with faculty. Contact with your teachers is encouraged when extra help is required in the varied courses. This communication allows your teachers to be aware to work with you during the day that you are scheduled to come on campus.

Every Monday new assignments are uploaded to your Moodle courses and available for you to work on both from home and while on campus. Coursework is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To be successful, you must have a working computer and be able to access the internet daily. In addition to the required curriculum we provide Honors and Advanced Placement courses. These courses may require additional class hours on campus but are a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and possibly earn college credit.

We have a Student Learning Center available from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday so students can see their teachers for extra help and have a quiet space to work and study. Students may contact their teachers in person when on campus or via phone and e-mail from home. Teachers are eager and available to help whenever students require the extra time.

In addition to coursework, Odyssey Charter High School offers a varied number of student activities such as student council, journalism, speech and debate. We have movie nights, dances and an exciting graduation ceremony every year. We would love to see you on that stage!

Odyssey News

At Odyssey, we use our news blog to post our school-wide announcements and events. Below are some of the most recent high school announcements and k-12 events. You can also check our dedicated calendar or events page for the latest school dates and activities.

HS Announcements

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  • Summer School is Here!
    Odyssey Charter High School is offering a free Summer School program to our returning students and on a limited basis to new enrollments. […]

Upcoming Events

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