Why Choose Us?

Not Just a Charter School: An Odyssey

Your kid is one of a kind. So are we. Our elementary, middle and high schoolers take part in a hybrid approach to education – a combination of online and in-class learning that has proven to be the most effective.

Odyssey Charter School is the first hybrid charter school in Las Vegas and Clark County. Our mix of online and in-class instruction-backed by an incredible staff-create a K-12 educational journey that is effective and flexible enough to give kids with wide-ranging needs the foundation for success.

For parents who wish to have their kids educated at home, but want the support of a state licensed teacher, Odyssey provides a Nevada standards-based curriculum and a supportive model that still fits under your roof. If you have ever felt like your child would benefit from a different approach to the educational experience, consider taking the next stage of your journey with us. Together we’ll make every place in your child’s life a place of learning.

This is your journey. This is your Odyssey.

No Tuition. Open to All.

Odyssey Charter School accepts enrollment for any school-age child in Clark County. We are a public school that is sponsored by the Clark County School District, and there is no tuition.

Kids with wide-ranging needs find what they need in our programs. Kids who need flexible schedules benefit from the mix of in-class instruction and online/virtual curriculum that combines the advantages of home schooling with the curriculum and instructional support of traditional classroom environments. Kids who have had trouble adapting to typical school environments find a new way to learn, and thrive. For many of our students, Odyssey provides the best way to continue their education when other options have failed them.

We believe in our kids-and give you the tools to succeed.

Our hybrid model of home/virtual schooling and in-class instruction only tells part of the story. We set out to create a culture of support that you’ll notice from day one. Our administrators and teachers believe in our kids. Our school environment is tailored to eliminate the obstacles that life sometimes puts between your kids and their education.

You’ll see from day one why we’re one of the most successful charter schools in Nevada. The Department of Education has identified hybrid schools as uniquely effective. Our staff gives life and passion to the mixed learning model, bringing the best of online/virtual schools and traditional schools together to create a personalized experience that gives you and your kids a new perspective on success.

We teach. We lead. We believe.

This is the year to begin your Odyssey.