Junior Achievement Scholarships

Junior Achievement has been provided generous scholarships that they can offer to students who have taken some of JA curricula.

  • Even though it states that JA students would be responsible for the remaining balance, there is additional financial aid to cover all the costs. Students are never refused due to their inability to pay.
  • Applications will be accepted through August.


 In order to receive the scholarship, they will need to:

  • Create monthly newsletters (it’s simple and done via email) to keep donors updated on their progress.
  • Write an article about their experience with JA
  • Volunteer 20 hours over the course of 10 months for TKS and/or the Vegas community (CDC guidelines must be adhered to in all circumstances to protect the safety of students and volunteers).

All questions should be directed to: SHANICE STEVENS, JA MARKETING COORDINATOR (P. 702.214.0504 | C. 702.497.5730)

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