Title I: 2018-2019

Title one information

Great News! Odyssey Charter Schools have received notification of our Title I funding awards for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • ES $ 38,180
  • MS $ 76,130
  • HS $134,090

Title one presentations:

K-12 Presentation

ES Presentation

MS Presentation

HS Presentation

Parents’ Right-to-Know

ES Right to Know

MS Right to Know 

HS Right to Know

Budget Plans

ES Budget Plans

MS Budget Plans

HS Budget Plans

Title 1 18-19 Budget Meeting

Performance Plans

ES Performance Plan

MS Performance Plan

HS Performance Plan

Parent Notification Letters

ES Notification Letter

MS Notification Letter

HS Notification Letter

Family Engagement Policy

ES Parent Family Engagement

MS Parent Family Engagement

HS Parent Family Engagement

Title 1 18-19 PFEP Meeting

Budget Plans

ES Additional Budget Plans

MS Additional Budget Plans

HS Additional Budget Plans