Graduation Requirements

Standard Diploma Credit Requirements
Area of Study Credit(s)
English 4
Mathematics 3
Science 2
World History / Geography 1
U.S. History 1
U.S. Government 1
Physical Education 2
Health ½
21st Century Learning ½
College and Career Flex Credit 2
Electives 6
Total 23

(Subject to change per Odyssey, will be updated accordingly)

To receive a standard high school diploma each student must complete twenty-three (23) units of approved course work.

* World History or Geography taken in CCSD fulfills the Arts/Humanities or Career and Technical Education (CTE) state requirement.
** Successful completion of a one-semester computer literacy course offered in grades 6, 7, or 8 will satisfy the 21st Century Learning graduation requirement.
Testing Requirements
Students enrolled in Grade 11 of a Nevada school during an administration of the College and Career Readiness Assessment (ACT) must take the ACT to be eligible for a diploma. Students not
enrolled in Grade 11 of a Nevada public school on either of the administration dates of the ACT are exempt from this assessment participation requirement for graduation (NRS 389.807).
NOTE: End of Course (EOC) examinations have been transitioned from a graduation requirement to an End of Course final exam as required by AB7 of the 2017 legislative session