Military Families

Odyssey Charter Schools supports the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. To ensure the enrollment of military children at Odyssey is as effortless and accessible as possible, Odyssey commits to the following:

  • Odyssey will accept unofficial or hand-carried records when enrolling new students, rather than waiting to receive an official transcript from the previous school.
  • If a child was receiving special education services at their old school, Odyssey will place the child in a comparable program. Odyssey may conduct its own evaluation later to ensure that the student is appropriately placed.
  • Odyssey will allow children to miss school to attend deployment-related activities.
  • Students will be able to continue at the grade level in which they were enrolled in their previous school, regardless of age.
  • Odyssey will waive specific course or exam requirements for students transferring during their senior year if necessary to allow the student to graduate on time.
  • Students of military families have a 30-day grace period to present proof of immunizations or proof they have started a round of immunizations.

The Interstate Compact covers children of active duty military and activated Guard and Reserve enrolled in public schools in grades K through 12. Children of fallen service members, as well as those who are medically retired or discharged, are covered by the Compact for one year following the service member’s death, retirement, or discharge.