Design a Better Future Scholarship

We are excited to announce the
2021 Design a Better Future Scholarship

These are the main points about our scholarship:

  • High school students can participate in a design-thinking community building project:

    • Design & work on a community improvement project.

    • Optional: Share work for some checkpoint feedback before the final deadline by May 28, 2021.

    • Submit final design thinking project application by June 28, 2021.

  • There will be up to 5 awardees, each receiving a $10,000 scholarship to the college, university, or trade school of their choice. We will also fund the top project up to $5,000.

Here is a link to anything else you may need to know to tell your students about our scholarship: Many students find it helpful to have a link to our scholarship from the guidance counselor’s webpage or from a school blog. If you would like to do this and need help with it feel free to let us know. Thank you, and don’t hesitate to ask us questions!

Click this link for more information, where you can also find complete FAQ’s on the rounds and a digital submission form:  You can also see the projects of previous years’ recipients to learn more about this opportunity.

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