The Cre8sian Project was founded as a way to give back to the community while empowering Asian
women around the world by developing female superhero characters that envelop qualities of a strong,
superhero-like woman: Determination, Concentration, Motivation, and Education. This brand is about
recognizing diversity in the arts, emphasizing that representation matters, and empowering women in
the arts and beyond!
The Cre8sian Project Scholarships, through Positively Arts (a 501c3 non profit) and in partnership with
“In Her Purpose,” are open to female and female identifying high school and middle school students
attending public, private, or home school with an interest in the arts, have some asian heritage, and live
in Clark County. Students who are involved in any aspect of the arts, not just performance, are
encouraged to apply. This can include writers, photographers, filmmakers, technical stage crew
(carpentry, props, lighting, automation, audio, set design, stage managers), artists, graphic designers,
directors, acrobats, singers, dancers, musicians, composers, arrangers, etc.
Interested students should submit:
1. An essay talking about:
– Your journey in the arts and why the arts are important to you
– Describe any short term or long term goals or plans you have (even if you do not plan to pursue a
career in the arts)
– Talk about any volunteer or community work you have done in the past year and why it is meaningful
to you
– Talk about a challenge you encountered, and how you overcame it
– How your Asian heritage has influenced your life
** You do not necessarily need to write lengthy answers to all of these questions if some do not apply to
you as much as others, but please feel free to elaborate more on the ones that do.
***Essays must be submitted as PDF attachments, NOT shared google docs!! Improper
submissions will not be considered!***
2. Any samples of your work. This can include photos, videos (youtube links only), scripts, scores,
interviews, etc. Students involved in technical theater who may not have portfolios can submit stage
plots, call sheets, blocking sheets, or anything you can put together that shows your initiative, ability to
organize or lead, or your creativity in your field. Please submit your materials as youtube, google
drive, or dropbox links ONLY.
3. A letter of recommendation from a teacher, community leader, or industry professional you study,
work with, or recently worked with that can speak to your skills and work ethic.

Students will be judged on their skills, initiative, involvement in their community, and dedication to their
Judges for The Cre8sian Project Scholarships are:
Angela Chan, Musician and Founder of The Cre8sian project
Pilita Simpson, Vocalist and Founder/CEO of Positively Arts
Rose Buado, Business Mentor & Success Coach, CEO of RVNB & Co-Author of In Her Purpose
Jennifer Redondo-Marquez, Management Consultant & Co-Author of In Her Purpose
One high school winners will be chosen to each receive a $750 scholarship for the 2022-2023
academic school year (to be received in three payments, one in the fall, one on Jan 31, and the last
one on April 30 or upon completion of all scholarship requirements), swag from the Cre8sian Project
store, and features on the Cre8sian Project website and social media! In addition, the Cre8sian Project
will also help sponsor a portion of any classes or training you are involved in during the 2022-23 school
We are also offering 4 additional scholarships! The Educ8sian, Concentr8sian, Motiv8sian, and
Determin8sian scholarships, which will be open to high school AND middle school students this year!
The winners of these scholarships will each receive a $300 scholarship (to be received in 3 payments,
see high school winner payment schedule), a Cre8sian Project t shirt, and features on the Cre8sian
project website and social media!
All winners will be required to participate in five activities (high school winner) or three activities
(additional scholarship winners) with Positively Arts throughout the school year. These requirements
may be fulfilled virtually (as opposed to in person events) or in person, depending on your comfort level,
so that we may maintain the highest safety standards possible. Activities may include participating in
the Happy Note Challenge, Happy Dance Videos, Thank You Videos, script writing, designing graphics
for various events, assisting with Positively Arts events, etc, OR the student may choose to create their
own community project to work with Positively Arts which may fulfill some or all of the activity
requirements, as long as it is in line with Positively Arts’s principles, which uses the arts to empower,
inspire, educate, and heal, and gets approval from Pilita Simpson and Angela Chan.
If you have any questions, please contact Angela Chan at For more
information and details, visit our website at
Please submit your application form and submission materials to by
midnight on Oct 24, 2022. The winners will be announced November 1, 2022 on The Cre8sian Project

Scholarship Application Form

Student Name: _________________________________________
Student Phone (optional): ________________________________
Student Email: _________________________________________
Parent/Guardian: _______________________________________
Parent Phone: _________________________________________
Parent Email: __________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________

School: _______________________________________________
Grade/Age: ________________________________
Heritage: ______________________________________________
Area Of The Arts You Are Involved In:

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