BCON Scholarship Application (Black Community Organizations Network)

BCON Scholarship Application

The Black Community Organizations Network (BCON) will offer $500 book scholarships to
African- American high school graduating seniors. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide
additional financial assistance to young adults during their freshman year at a college or
university of their choice. (Scholarships are not offered to graduates entering any Military

1. The BCON scholarship committee will provide scholarship applications to local high
schools, churches, and community organizations. These applications are to be distributed
to qualified high school seniors.
2. Eligibility is restricted to graduating African American high school seniors who have
completed a minimum of 50 hours of voluntary community service.
3. The applicant is responsible for submitting the following application materials:
a) Complete application
b) Official High school transcript (including 7th semester; sealed from high school)
c) Letter of recommendation from a school official
d) Documentation of voluntary community service hours (at least 50 hours)
e) Applicant’s personal statement (500) words or less
4. All completed application packets are to be postmarked to the BCON Scholarship Chair
by Friday, April 9th at 5:00pm.
5. The BCON scholarship committee will select the scholarship recipients one week prior to
the BCON ceremony. Applicants will be evaluated on the following areas: a) grade point
average b) school involvement c) letter of recommendation d) voluntary community service
e) personal statement and f) overall neatness of application. Each category is worth 10
points. All finalists will be notified of an interview date. The recipients will be the
applicants receiving the greatest total points (including interview points).
6. The BCON scholarship committee will notify scholarship recipients before the annual
BCON celebration. Winners will be recognized during the annual BCON Baccalaureate
ceremony in May 2021. Recipients must be present at the BCON ceremony.

For concerns, questions or more information contact Tya Mathis-Coleman, Scholarship
Chairperson, at 702-375-1313 or mathitr@nv.ccsd.net

Send application by April 9, 2021 to:
Attn: Tya Mathis-Coleman
BCON Scholarship Chairperson
P.O. Box #270011
Las Vegas, NV 89127

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