Have a child that is not quite of age for Kindergarten? Here are some great resources to get them ready for school.

JumpStart Preschool Activities
Use these free preschool lessons to make learning fun and exciting for the little ones. You’ll always want to come back for more! Preschool Worksheets
These preschool worksheets help make learning engaging for your preschooler! Covering a wide range of subjects, we have the preschool worksheets you’re looking for to help supplement your child’s education.

Scholastic Preschool Lesson Plans
Scholastic Printables has over 100 Preschool Lesson Plans for all subjects and themes and over 15,000 award winning printables for all grades and subjects! Sign up today and get instant online access to printable preschool lesson plans that cover math lesson plans, reading lesson plans, language arts lesson plans, and many more. Learn why thousands of teachers have chosen Scholastic to be their teaching resource.

Preschool Online Games
14 of the best places to play free Preschool games. Free preschool games are a great way to keep your preschooler entertained and teach them important skills at the same time. Many of these free games teach preschoolers the alphabet, counting, memorization and many more academic and life skills. Not only are many of them educational – they’re a lot of fun!

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