Odyssey’s K-12 Education Program

An Innovative and Supportive K12 Educational Journey for Las Vegas Students

Parents in Las Vegas have lots of choices. Find out why so many have turned to the first hybrid K-12 school in Las Vegas-Odyssey Charter School.


We’ve created a unique program that combines elements of free online/virtual curricula and in-class instruction to create an environment where every kid gets a chance to succeed. Kids who need flexibility because of extracurricular passions have a home here. Kids who have had trouble succeeding in traditional school environments have a home here. Kids whose parents wish to home school but want to combine the home-based approach with more support and provided curriculum have thrived with us.

The Department of Education has studied our hybrid approach and found that offering a mix of online teaching with in-class experience is the most effective model.

But we have more than a model. We have a great staff that creates an individualized environment where kids are both supported and challenged to grow. They take our philosophy to heart: We teach. We lead. We believe.

No Tuition. Open to All, from Kindergarten to High School Seniors

Parents of Odyssey students rave about us. And they have reason to, because they’re a big reason why Odyssey Charter School works so well. They become more engaged as we build a love of learning in their elementary school students. They become inspired as their middle schoolers start earning extra credits toward graduation. They see their high schoolers thrive in individualized programs and an environment that minimizes distraction, pettiness and bullying.

Because we’re sponsored by Clark County School District, tuition is free to all eligible students living in the county. So there are no barriers between your kid and our uniquely effective approach to online/traditional K12 education. Our staff is skilled at teaching and inspiring kids with a wide array of needs. Every student has their own journey. Rather than one-size-fits-all curriculum and teaching methods, our model and staff finds flexible ways to help everyone succeed and build their love of learning. Whatever their grade level and unique path, the next leg of your child’s journey can take place with us.

Take the Next Step of the Journey

Are you ready to give your child a flexible new way to prepare for their future? Then we’re ready for you. Come see for yourself how Odyssey’s supportive culture and innovative approach to education is opening new doors to learning for kids of all grade levels and needs. We’re the right choice for parents whose kids need to try a new approach, and for parents who want to get involved in their kids’ education-with a system of support and passionate staff behind them all the way. Our teachers believe in our kids. And our parents believe in us.

We’re not a home school program. We’re not a free online school. We’re not a traditional school. We’re the best of all three. And we’re ready to change how your family experiences education.

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