Odyssey for Middle School Students

Odyssey Charter School: Taking Middle Schoolers Beyond the Classroom

Parents looking for middle schools in Las Vegas are excited and inspired by what they find at Odyssey Charter School. Why? We’ve created a learning culture where students aren’t just being taught, they’re also being inspired.

It happens through hybrid education – a combination of online/virtual and in-class instruction the Department of Education has found to be most effective. Our model balances the advantages of home schooling, letting parents stay involved without having to do it all by themselves, with traditional education. That means more flexibility, more parental involvement, and more opportunities for older students, like the chance to earn extra credits toward graduation.

If you and your child want an entirely new middle school experience, talk to us. Because we believe middle school is more than a time of transition. It’s a time for inspiration.

A Free, Inclusive Charter School for All Middle School Students in Clark County

Odyssey Charter School’s unique experience is available free to every eligible Clark County student. There’s no tuition because we’re a public school. And no obstacles in between your child and a nurturing, supportive environment that is the ideal next step in their educational journey.

We believe that each child is unique, and we’ve brought together a talented staff and administration who believe in our model, our mission and our kids. Our parents and kids see and feel the difference from day one.

Middle school students with a wide variety of needs find a home here, a place where bullying, distractions are minimized. A place where kids who haven’t been served by the one-size-fits-all educational model find new and different ways to succeed. We join with our parents to create an experience that’s leading the way in public education. Our doors are open to you.

More Than Education. It’s Inspiration.

SophiaPolaroid-smOdyssey’s hybrid model is the most effective model in education. And that means more than the fundamentals. It’s engaging with our talented staff and parents to inspire our kids. Our mission? We lead. We teach. We believe.

It takes parents and staff working together to turn these words into an experience. And from what we hear from our parents and the Department of Education, we’re succeeding. Does your child deserves a chance at success? We believe so, and our staff walks the walk every day that we bring our innovative model to life.

This is an exciting time to be the parent of a Clark County middle schooler. Odyssey Charter School is working with parents like you to create a new love of learning and individualized paths to success.

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