Odyssey for High School Students

Odyssey Charter School: Where High School Students See Their College Dreams Take Shape

Odyssey Charter School offered Las Vegas high school parents and kids something totally new when they became the first hybrid charter school in Nevada. What does hybrid mean? It means a mix of online curriculum and in-class instruction. It means more flexibility for students who have interests outside the classroom. It means a new start for students who need an education, but haven’t found success at traditional schools.

Freedom is essential to a great education-especially the freedom to achieve in a nurturing environment without distraction, pettiness and bullying. We make it happen through hybrid education, a student-centric combination of online and classroom instruction that the Department of Education has found to be most effective. We have combined the advantages of home schooling and virtual learning with a standards-based curriculum and instructional support that is getting results.

If it sounds different, it’s because it is. If you ask us, you’ve got to do more than teach. You’ve got to believe.

Tuition-Free Education for All Las Vegas High School Students

KarinnaaFinalPolaroidPrivate schools and even some charter schools charge tuition. We don’t. Because we’re sponsored by Clark County, enrollment at Odyssey Charter School is free to every eligible Clark County high school student.

Our staff have created an environment where every kid gets individual attention and enjoys a supportive atmosphere free of distractions and bullying. You can feel it from the first time you step into our halls. There’s a unique spirit of camaraderie between our teachers, students, parents and staff. We believe in what we’re doing, which is first and foremost to create a Las Vegas charter high school that could serve a wide array of individual needs while remaining accessible to all.

Your student is unique. Our staff is committed. Our parents are thrilled. And the doors are open to a new way for high schoolers to learn and prepare for their future.

The Best of Online Learning and Traditional Teaching-in High School

Studies have shown that our hybrid model is getting results. Kids who have high demands on their schedule owing to extracurricular activities-such as musical training and performance-benefit from Odyssey’s flexibility. Kids who need special attention benefit from individual instruction and a supportive environment. Online schooling provides flexibility while in-class time provides support and encouragement.

With the backing of a dedicated staff and enthusiastic parents, our students are helping us rewrite the traditional charter school experience, one student at a time. Is your high schooler the next to start his or her Odyssey?

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