Odyssey for Elementary School Students

Odyssey Takes Elementary Kids in Fun, Rewarding New Directions

Elementary school is about more than the fundamentals. It’s about building a foundation for a lifelong love of learning. We make it happen through hybrid education, a combination of online/virtual and in-class instruction. The Department of Education has found our model to be the most effective.

We were the first elementary school in Las Vegas to pilot and prove the hybrid concept. The result is more parent involvement, more focus on individual students, and more tools for success that will carry them well past K-5.

Together, we’ll build more than an understanding of the ABCs. We’ll help give your kids a foundational love of learning that will carry them well past elementary school. Think of it as grade school that’s not so elementary.

A Free Charter School for All Elementary School Students in Clark County

AmeduesPolaroid-smIf you and your child are ready to take part in one of Nevada’s most successful innovations in elementary school education, there’s nothing in your way. Odyssey is sponsored by the Clark County School District and tuition is free to all students who live in the county.

Our dedicated staff are passionate about making a place for every student. A place where traditional in-class instruction is combined with online curricula to bring the advantages of home schooling, but with instructional tools and support for parents and kids.

One-size-fits-all education is replaced by a unique home-and-school support system that works because we work with and believe in our students, together. This approach has made us a leader among charter schools in Nevada and Clark County. And there’s a place for you and your student here.

Are You Ready to Get Involved?

Education is more than drilling kids on the fundamentals. It’s a whole new way to instill a love of learning and lay the groundwork for individual success. And that takes individual attention. With our supportive staff and parents working together, we’re opening new doors to learning for kids with a wide variety of needs.

If you’re ready to get involved in your child’s elementary education, Odyssey Charter School is right behind you. Our innovative model and dedicated staff are ready to show you how online/virtual instruction and our in-class setting combine for a new experience beyond home schooling or traditional schooling.

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