National Seal of Biliteracy (NSOB)

About NSOB Testing

The National Seal of Biliteracy (NSOB) is an optional test gives students the NSOB on their diploma, which certifies that they can work in 2 languages.

This test is available to all Odyssey seniors (and early graduation juniors) who have proficiency in a language other than English.

Students who earn this recognition have a seal added to their diploma and noted on their transcript that certifies their multilingual abilities.

NSOB Testing at Odyssey

Testing dates for the 2024-2025 school year will be available in fall 2024.

How to Sign Up for the NSOB Test:

  1. Watch this informational video: Video on the NSOB at Odyssey (video contains information for 2023-2024 school year).
  2. Fill out Odyssey’s required Google Form: Odyssey’s Required Google Form (closed until October 2024).
  3. Fill out CCSD’s required Google Form: CCSD’s Required Google Form (closed until October 2024).

NSOB Resources

You can read more about the NSOB here: More Information About the NSOB

You can find out more about the NSOB and see sample tests for common languages here: NSOB Sample Tests for Common Languages

NSOB Results

NSOB Results will be emailed to students within 5 weeks of them completing the test. Tested students will be informed throughout the spring semester of their eligibility for the NSOB.