RegistrationOdyssey Charter Schools is a free, publicly funded school, grade K-12.

Find out why research by the Department of Education has found the hybrid model, a combination of face to face and virtual learning, to be the most effective form of teaching.

With Nevada schools becoming more and more overcrowded, Odyssey’s hybrid approach helps ensure your child still gets the personalized educational experience they deserve. After all, every student is unique. Their education should be, too.

*Due to the online component of Odyssey’s hybrid model, your child will need to have a computer with Internet access provided at home.


Registration Links and Packets.

To register, follow these links: 

Registration Information: 

Registration Instructions: 

Registration Packets:

  • Enrollment is open for the 2018-2019 school year. You can pick up packets on campus. If you have questions please contact us at, 702-257-0578. 

Documents Required for Registration

When a student is enrolling at Odyssey Charter Schools for the first time or re-enrolling, parents need the following items to complete the registration:

  1. Personal identification (driver’s license, picture identification, etc.) of the parent/guardian, bearing his or her name.
  2. One proof of child’s identity (copies not accepted): original birth certificate, a passport, or a certified birth card issued by the Southern Nevada Health District or another health district. The Vital Records Office for children born in Clark County is located at the Southern Nevada Health District, 330 S. Valley View, Las Vegas, 702-759-1000.
  3. Student immunization record. Parent(s) must have records indicating that the child has had or has started specific immunizations [NRS392.435]. Students can enroll but cannot attend school if the immunization requirements are not met.
  4. For students entering 9th grade, student unofficial transcript or last report card.
  5. Student special education or Section 504 records, if applicable.

For more registration information, please call the school office at 702-257-0578, option 1 for high school, option 2 for K8.

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Contact Info

2251 S. Jones Blvd. 89146
Phone: 702.257.0578
High School Fax: 702-312-3260
K-8 Fax: 702-259-7793

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