Odyssey Charter Schools offer a unique alternative for students who have specific interests or requirements that preclude enrollment in traditional school in the state of Nevada. Charter schools provide a stimulating educational experience for these exceptional students. Our student body comprises students who travel often, those whose practice requirements for sport or theater demand a more open schedule, and students with special learning requirements.

Odyssey provides outstanding education to children in Las Vegas. School ratings for Odyssey are consistently above average among Nevada charter schools. We are a federally funded institution that is fully accredited and sponsored by the Clark County School District in Nevada. Odyssey Charter Schools do not charge tuition fees.

KidsFamilyPolaroid-smOur Approach: The hybrid approach at Odyssey Charter Schools involves several core components:

Odyssey students in grades K-5 meet with a state licensed teacher for one hour each week in the comfort of their own home, under parental supervision. All middle school students meet with licensed subject teachers for four hours once each week on-campus, thus preparing them for the similar schedule requirements of our high school program. Odyssey’s high school students come together once a week for a four-hour block of classroom sessions. This is more than just lecture – it also entails personalized instruction and mentorship.

We take pride in our ability to meet the diverse needs of our students across all of Odyssey’s programs here in Las Vegas. School ratings and reviews from parents and students are steadily positive because it’s our philosophy that the educational approach should be made to fit the student, not the other way around. Parents play a significant part in ensuring student success, and a parent-guardian is required to be in the home with the student to monitor and record time-on-task and academic progress.

Our student-centered approach requires our young people to take a more active role in their education. They must be self-starting, motivated learners. Parents play a significant part in ensuring student success, so we provide a wealth of resources and tools to them.

Special Education
We are fully compliant with state special education laws and the associated requirements for graduation. We’re staffed with a full team of highly qualified facilitators and paraprofessionals who partner with parents and students to create Individualized Education Plans (IEP) for each student. Special education staff play a significant role in our classrooms, ensuring time on task and clarification of expectations. Families are an integral and valued part of every IEP.

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