Transitioning to High School

Transitioning to High School

1. What classes do Freshmen take?
Math (Applied Algebra, Algebra or Geometry)
Social Studies
P. E. (Physical Education)
Health/Computer Applications

2. What is the typical mathematics sequence?
Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II/Trig, and Precalculus.

3. What are Honors classes?
Honors classes are more challenging classes that usually result in a weighted grade. For example an A=4.0 pts. and a weighted grade will be more than 4.0 pts. Contact the high school for more information on weighted grades. Private schools may have a different system of weighting than the public school and Clark County will be different from other state systems.

4. What are AP classes?
AP stands for Advanced Placement and these classes follow a curriculum that is standardized. Contact the high school Counselors regarding AP classes. High School Guidance.

5. Why would anyone want to do this?
College credit, college credit, college credit. Students with enough AP credits can enter college with sophomore standing. This means that parents won’t have to pay tuition for these classes.

6. What courses do colleges want to see on the transcript?
English 4 years, History 3 years, Mathematics 4 years, Science 3 years, Foreign Language at least 2 years of the same language. The more competitive colleges will want more challenging classes usually honors and AP classes. The more competitive colleges will also want more science, social studies and more years in foreign language.

7. High School Graduation Requirements:
Please go to the Odyssey High School Guidance to view graduation requirements.

8. More Information
Please contact or visit a high school counselor of the high school you plan to attend.