Counseling and Social Work

Here you’ll find a variety of resources to help make your educational journey a success. For more information about any of the resources listed or other resources that may be available, contact:

Deneen Walters, Middle School Counselor
Phone:  (702) 257-0578 ext. 8001

Melody Jones, Middle School Social Worker
Phone:  (702) 257-0578 ext. 8020

Lea Johnson, Elementary School Social Worker
Phone:  (702) 257-0578 ext. 7263

Resources for Parents and Students

orange-men_puzzle-piecesStrategies for Effective Communication

Helping Families with Multiple Children

Stress Management for Children 

Test Taking Tips

Family Education

Three Square Food Bank Search by Address

Meal Sites

Title I HOPE

Safe House

Safe Nest

For information about other available community resources, please visit our Community Resources page.

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Contact Info

2251 S. Jones Blvd. 89146
Phone: 702.257.0578
High School Fax: 702-312-3260
K-8 Fax: 702-259-7793

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