About K5 Program

About the elementary program.

Welcome to the Odyssey Charter Schools Elementary Program! We have provided a detailed description as well as a “Day in the Life” of your Odyssey elementary student. Here are some very specific details regarding our elementary program.

Every Odyssey Charter Schools elementary student and parent attends an on campus orientation when they begin the program. Each kindergarten through 5th grade student is assigned an instructor who will meet as a team with the parent, teacher and student one hour per week at the home or in a public setting such as a library. Weekly teacher visits with both the student and the parent present are a requirement of the K-5

Odyssey program. It is possible to include specific day requests for the visit, however, having the most flexibility will allow the teacher to serve your family best.

Families with more than one enrolled student will meet for one hour per student, thus making a family of 3 have a three hour visit time. Your teachers will post the weekly assignments online for the student to complete at home before the next visit. Parents are required to work in partnership with their child to assist and supervise the completion of work. Varying degrees of parent participation will depend on student, grade level, and learning styles. Easy access to the Internet at all times is required in order to complete the program expectations. Printers are considered a valuable resource to have available.

Regular events including support, community events, meetings, special services, and testing bring parents and students on campus. The Parents as Teachers program (PAT) is just one support available to families. Learning activities are conducted in a group setting to include both the student and the parent. Take home ideas and materials are the key ingredient to follow-up after each class. Additionally, Literacy Lab is a support

for students to work on campus with our literacy specialists to improve reading and comprehension skills. There are numerous events for parents and students to attend including skate night, math and literacy nights and trunk or treat. Come join us! Elementary students and parents love the Odyssey program! We have the right blend of teacher interaction coupled with events and the flexibility to work available online all the time.

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