UNLV Admissions

Here are the three steps for admissions, scholarships(grants), and the honors college at UNLV.  Please double-check information with UNLV’s official website.
  • Step 1: UNLV Application
  • Step 2: Scholarship information
  • Step 3: Honors Application if applicable
  • Step 4: FAFSA or Alternative aid form (applicable October 1, 2020) 

Step 1: Application

Application, test score(s), and FAFSA or Alternative Need form needs to be at UNLV by November 1, 2020, to be considered for scholarships

Click on UNLV Application
Then on the left, go to Create Profile.
Once you create a profile, go to your email and open the email from UNLV-“Welcome to UNLV.”
Click on Click Here
Enter a new password and Confirm
Click on Apply Degree Seeking
Choose major-If you do not know, choose undergrad exploring majors
Term-Fall 2021
Fill out an application–Under Personal information-you may want to include your Social Security Number(if applicable) so that the financial aid office can connect your application with your financial aid application (FAFSA). Where it states on the application former names, this response is for a student who changed their name in high school or a student who changed their name when they got married. Under High School Information, you may self report your classes. If so, you will need your transcript.  You may self report either your ACT or SAT scores or both, but you have to send at least one official score report from ACT or SAT.  You will have to go on either ACT.org or SAT.org and send an electronic copy to UNLV directly.  If you have not taken the ACT or SAT, there may be a process outline by UNLV to address this issue. If you have not taken any college classes and do not plan to take them while in high school, please select “I have not taken any college-level classes excluding AP, IB, or tech prep courses.” The application will automatically bypass the section about college classes. If you have taken or are taking college classes (Jumpstart), choose, “I have taken college-level classes excluding AP, IB or tech prep courses” and report them. The application fee is $60.00.
Your UNLV rep is information is below.
The application bullet points
UNLV Logo Stephanie Garibay
Admission Counselor
Office of Admissions
University of Nevada, Las Vegasstephanie.garibay@unlv.edu
Office: 702-895-4761unlv.edu • Twitter • Facebook • Instagram • YouTubeTop 3 percent nationally in research activity.

Step 2:  Scholarships and Grants

Application, test score(s), and FAFSA or Alternative Need form needs to be at UNLV by November 1, 2020, to be considered for scholarships  

COVID-19 Impact on Merit-Based Scholarships
We sympathize with the stress that students face today. We believe that we can do better for you in this uncertain time, and we are re-evaluating our merit-based scholarship awarding process for the fall 2021 semester. As we update this process, please note that our priority deadline remains November 1, 2020. Be sure to complete the FAFSA or Alternate Need Form and be admitted to UNLV by this date for priority consideration. We look forward to sharing our revised merit-based scholarship awarding process with you soon.If you have any questions or concerns, contact your admission counselor or email admissions@unlv.edu. We’re happy to help.

Coronavirus Updates

Pending scholarship matrix due to COVID-19

Step 3: Honors College

Application, test score(s), Honors Application, and FAFSA or Alternative Need form needs to be at UNLV by November 1, 2020, to be considered for the Honors College and Honors College Scholarships

Step 4: Financial Aid Form and Alternative Financial Aid Form

        (available on October 1, 2020)

As a DACA student, will my tuition or financial aid be impacted if the program ends?

Undocumented and DACA students who have graduated from a Nevada high school are eligible for in-state tuition. Undocumented and DACA students are not eligible for federal financial aid, but may apply for university-based and alternate financial aid at UNLV. For information on financial aid, call 702-895-3424 or visit unlv.edu/finaid/daca.

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