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The Nevada Promise Scholarship aims to make a college education more accessible and affordable. The scholarship enables Nevada residents, under the age of 20, to pursue a tuition-free degree at CSN beginning in Fall 2018.

The scholarship was established in 2017 during the 79th session of the Nevada Legislature. Beginning with the graduating class of 2018, high school seniors in Nevada may apply for the Nevada Promise Scholarship at CSN. For eligible students, the scholarship will provide for up to three years of tuition and other mandatory fees at no cost.

The Nevada Promise Scholarship is a last-dollar scholarship, meaning it will cover costs of these fees that are not met by other gift aid. For the purposes of the Nevada Promise Scholarship, gift aid is defined as Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship or Silver State Opportunity Grant.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for award, an applicant must:

  • Be classified as a Nevada resident for tuition purposes. (View Residency Information)
  • Have earned a diploma from a Nevada public/private high school (or from a public school in a border state accepting Nevada residents), a general equivalency diploma (GED) or other equivalent document during the 2017-2018 academic year.
  • First-time recipients must be less than 20 years of age.
  • Not have earned a prior associate or bachelor’s degree.
  • Not be in default on any federal student loan.
  • Not owe a refund to any federal student aid program.

After verifying that you meet the award criteria above, please begin the steps below.

2017 CSN graduates

Nevada Promise Scholarship Steps

Please familiarize yourself with the steps listed below. Once your eligibility is determined, you must ensure that all of the following mandatory steps are then completed. Failure to do so will result in loss of scholarship eligibility.