A new scholarship opportunity!

I wanted to share our new scholarship opportunity
with you to make it available to your students and visitors.

It’s free to apply for all current student, and we award $6,000 in
scholarships each year to the three winners.

Our organization, AlcoRehab.org, works towards raising awareness of
the alcohol abuse and addiction issues and hoping to encourage as many
people as possible to realize the potential consequences of their
drinking habits.

The scholarship recipients will be selected through an essay contest,
and essays are judged based on their originality and content. There
are no costs associated with submitting an application for this
scholarship, and the application period begun on October 10.

We are working on getting as much visibility as possible so that all
students who need scholarships the most can apply.

More information can be found on this page:
https://alcorehab.org/scholarship/ .

Thank you so much!

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