Public Education Foundation Scholarships

Public Education Scholarships – the following are available at


Sponsor:          2007 1st Championship-Terry Tantlinger Scholarship

Alliance of Black Culinarians Scholarship

Anjali and Nikhail Nigam Scholarship

Ashlee K. Sheppard Memorial Scholarship

Bank of Nevada-Forward Together Scholarship

Beth Weinstein Memorial Scholarship

Bonanza High School Coaches’ Memorial Scholarship

Brendan Flores Scholarship Foundation

CCSD School Counselors’ Scholarship

Centennial “Blu” Scholarship

Centennial High School Achievement Scholarship

Cheyenne High School Desert Shields Scholarship

Chris Cassell Memorial Baseball Scholarship

Clark High School Academy for Mathematics, Science, Arts, & Technology

Clark High School Academy of Finance Scholarship

Clark High School Brendan Flores Alumni Leadership Circle Scholarship

Clark High School Class of ‘72 “Something Extra for Clark” Scholarship

Connie Quinn Memorial Scholarship

Coronado High School Counselor’s Scholarship

Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Making a Difference

Desert Pines Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Making a Difference

Dr. Thurman White Memorial Scholarship

Durango High School Fall Classic Athletic Scholarship

Durango High School Principal’s Scholarship

Eastern Star Ken Cribbins Memorial Scholarship

Edwin F. Wieqand Science & Technology Scholarship

Ernst & Young Scholarship

Estella Morales Youth Scholarship

Evelyn Abrams Memorial Scholarship

Fraser Family Scholarship

Gene Wright Memorial Scholarship

George Maloof Scholarship

Glazing Industry Scholarship

Gordy Fink Memorial Scholarship

Gretchen Hauff Memorial Scholarship

Henderson Firefighters Benevolent Association Family & Friends Scholarship

Henderson Firefighters Benevolent Association Memorial Scholarship

Henderson Professional Firefighters Scholarship


Sponsor:          High School to Healthcare

Hutchison & Steffen Scholar Athlete Award

Jeanne White Memorial Scholarship

Jered Lucero Memorial Scholarship

Judith Warner Memorial Scholarship

Julie A. Greenfield-Karstedt Memorial Scholarship

Junior League of Las Vegas Community Service Scholarship

Justin Saca Memorial Scholarship

Las Vegas Hospitality Association, Child of LVHA Scholarship

Las Vegas Hospitality Association, Nellis AFB Spouse’s Scholarship

Las Vegas, Hospitality Association,

Valley High School Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Scholarship

Leadership in Action Scholarship

Lindsay Bennett “Follow Your Bliss” Memorial Scholarship

Louise Brothers Sanders Memorial Scholarship

LVHA Mary Thomas Community Scholarship

LVHA Member Certification Scholarship

LVHA Member Continuing Education Scholarship

Margery Gill Memorial Scholarship

Michael Jacob Mausbach Memorial Scholarship

Michael J. McClenachan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Michael T. Martin Scholarship

Mickey Donnelly Memorial Scholarship

Mojave High School Rattler Scholarship

Munir H. Bawany Memorial Scholarship

Nate Mack/Cindi Turner Scholarship

National Charity League, Inc.

Green Valley Chapter Community Service Scholarship Award

Officer David VanBuskirk Memorial Scholarship

Palm Garden of Dreams Scholarship

Palo Verde High School Faculty Follies Scholarship

Panther Cafe Scholarship

Pardee Community Building Scholarship

PEO Chapter R. Scholarship

Sophie and Hans Scholl Memorial Scholarship

Southern Nevada Chapter, International Code Council Scholarship

Southern Nevada Retired Teachers’ Association Scholarship

Spartan Staff Scholarship

Spring Valley High School Counselor’s Award

Spring Valley High School Jessica Whiteaker Athlete Award

Spring Valley High School – Principal’s Award

Spring Valley High School Service to the Community Award

Spring Valley High School Student Leadership Award

Spring Valley High School – Success with Honor and Spirit



Sponsor:          Spring Valley High School Valedictorian Award

Started From the Bottom Scholarship

STEM for Budding Ivey Scholarship

Sunrise Mountain High School “Miner Proud, Miner Strong!” Scholarship

Tanner Chamberlain – “Live Your Dream” Scholarship

The Bonnie Sims-Mamer Memorial Scholarship for Nursing

The Stewart Family Foundation Leadership Scholalrship

Vassiliadis Family Scholarship

Veronica Gant Memorial Scholarship

Veterans Tribute Sentinel Scholarship

We R Community Scholarship –

(A Partnership between NV Energy & Public Educational Foundation)

“With a Little Help from My Friends” The Ashley & Christian Seda Scholarship

Deadline:        February 13, 2015



Public Education Scholarships – the following are available at



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