December Checklist for Seniors

____ Apply for college funding through private scholarship
____ Save year-end payroll stubs which show earnings
for the year. This will help in filling out FAFSA and
verifying eligibility for reviews by schools.
____ Use your holiday break to put the finishing touches
on applications to selective colleges. Don’t forget,
everyone else is on vacation, so you should have
most of the important pieces already completed.
____ Make sure your essays and resume are completed
before you head back to school.
____ Be sure to send official SAT or ACT scores to those
colleges not originally listed when you registered
for test.
____ Double-check letters of recommendation before
Winter Break.
____ If your selected college(s) accept it, register for the
January 24 SAT by the December 29 regular deadline.
Call admissions offices to check if in doubt.
SAT Subject Tests are also given on that date.
____ Access the FAFSA website at
Fill out the worksheet and prepare to send as soon
as possible after January 1, 2015. (It is better to
send in estimated 2014 income figures, than to wait
for them.) You will receive a Student Aid Report
(SAR) listing all the financial aid info you put on the
FAFSA. Review it for errors and changes. At this
point you can change the amounts to actual figures
based on 2014 W-2 reports. You can also change
any of the top ten schools to which you would like
the information sent.

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