Do you want to be a nurse?, recently published a financial aid and scholarship database for nursing students. You can check it out here:

Not surprisingly, one of the roadblocks to achieving the IOM’s standard (80% with a BSN by 2020) is the cost of higher education. According to the National Center for Education statistics, the average annual tuition at four-year degree costs around $34,000 dollars. Some nursing students will opt for to obtain their associate’s first and then pursue supplemental education; at a minimum, the associate’s degree costs around $24,000 annually.

With our financial aid page, we strive to provide current and prospective nursing students the information and access to tuition assistance. It covers information on federal and private loans, but the main focus is on the nursing grants and scholarships available to nursing students.

The scholarship database features nearly 10,000 scholarships for nursing students of varying education levels. The database can be filtered by: study area, renewability, GPA requirements, enrollment levels, and more. We’re constantly working on growing the number of scholarships available and refining the information provided.

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