Preparing for the FAFSA in December – Practice Makes Perfect!!

A demonstration site is available so you can increase your own understanding of the FAFSA on the Web before you apply after January 1,2014.  At the site, you can complete a sample FAFSA, make corrections, check the status of the application, and sign it electronically.  However, when  you choose “submit,” the information is not actually submitted.  The site is purely a learning tool.  To access the demo site, go to  The user name is eddemo, and the password is fafsatest.  The FAFSA demo for the upcoming application cycle (2014-2015) is usually posted in mid-December.  It may be helpful to look at the current 2013-2014 Demo Site to see what information is required.  If you use either Demo Site, here is how to use it:

1.  Before scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking “FAFSA ON THE WEB DEMO SYSTEM”, copy the information for one of the dependent demonstration students listed under “Preloaded Test Date 2013-2014 Renewal FAFSAs”.

2.  Click on “FAFSA ON THE WEB DEMO SYSTEM” which will take you to the FAFSA online webpage.  Click on “Login” then fill-in the login info:  eddemo/fafsatest if required, then input the copied info for the sample student you have chosen.  Then click “next”.

3.  Click “Start New FAFSA”

4.  Input the sample student’s PIN if required and write in a password.  You will use this each time you access the demo site, but if you change things, they will not be saved.  However you can practice how to ADD A SCHOOL on the School Selection Summary page OR checkout the INCOME ESTIMATOR on the Financial Information page.

5.   Notice that A PIN for both a parent and the student is required in order to sign the actual 2014-2015 FAFSA electronically before submitting.

If you and your parents practice this now, when it comes time for the REAL FAFSA, you will be ready!

Good Luck!

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