Grades K-6 Student Supply List

This list comprises the majority of essential items each student would utilize in a school year.  We recognize that the dollar is truly stretched these days and have streamlined the list where possible.  Most items are available in dollar and discount stores.  Watch for sales and happy shopping!

  • 3 ring binder with subject dividers and pocket folders School Supplies
  • Lined paper or primary paper for beginning writers
  • Graph paper (5 squares/inch)
  • Index Cards
  • Post It Notes (2” x 2”)
  • Single subject spiral notebooks (2-3)
  • Printer Paper
  • Printer Ink (black a must, color not needed)
  • Pencils, Erasers
  • Pens
  • Highlighters
  • Crayons/Colored Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Ruler
  • Compass and protractor for grades 3-6
  • 2 Folders (work, work completed)
  • Agenda, planner or calendar
  • Basic Calculator (also available on your computer under accessories)
  • Flash drive (optional)

*Planners will be available for purchase at orientation.

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