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Attendance is critical to student success at Odyssey Charter High School. There are two components to attendance at Odyssey: (1) attendance in-person at least once per week for your assigned 4-hour classes AND (2) logging in to the Moodle learning management system daily or as needed to maintain passing grades at all times. Parents/Guardians and students both have a responsibility for ensuring students are meeting all components of attendance.

Odyssey Charter High School requires notification within 24 hours when a student is absent from their face to face class.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: The parent/guardian must notify the Attendance Clerk within 24 hours of the absence. Per OCHS policy, we prefer our students attend a make-up day rather than have an absence on their attendance record. Your student can provide their medical or other documentation when they return to campus, or you can fax it to: 702-312-3260, or email it to: absent@odysseyk12.org. If you have any questions, the Attendance Clerk, Joann Melton, can be reached at 702-257-0578 x5537. Thanks!

STUDENTS: Whenever a student is absent, they must notify the Attendance Intervention Specialist within 24 hours of the absence. Students – once you have received a response from the Attendance Intervention Specialist you MUST REPLY TO THE EMAIL ACKNOWLEDGING YOU RECEIVED IT within 24 hours of the email. Please check your email the day after clicking that button!

For long-term or pre-arranged absences, please make an appointment with our Attendance Intervention Specialist, Kimberly McClain, at 702-257-0578 x5566 or kmcclain@odysseyk12.org.

For more information, please see the Odyssey Charter High School Attendance Policies starting on page 18 of our Handbook.

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